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We understand that some tasks are a one and done deal. Period. Global Web Medics is aiming to Connect WNY with freelancers.

See For Yourself!How it works & experience the ultimate joy.

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Mobile App Development for your e-commerce store or your informational store.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is key asset to any business in the digital era. Hire the right freelancer.

Writing & Translation

Find Perfect content writers and translated document freelancers

Video & Animation

Commercial video editing, special effects and animation freelancers are available.

Music & Audio

And a 1..2..3 get all the musical and audio content made by a freelancer in one spot.

Programming & Tech

Need that fancy feature for the upcoming holidays? Hire a Freelancer.


Need a contract or need a new policy? Hire A Freelancer.

Fun & Lifestyle

Do you have that new innovative app? Sweet, hire a freelancer and get poppin.


Global Web Medics Corporation

Global Web Medics Corporation has partnered with Depew Technologies Corporation to better enhance the way we do business online, who we hire and to centralize all the work force and work tools in one place.



Global Web Medics, INC. Community is set to enhance the way we do busines and work with our team members. You can pay your freelancer directly trough our platform with a small fee of 10%. No matter what.

Employers simply post their job, freelancers apply and the employer decides who to hire. When the job is complete you pay the freelancer.

Depew Technologies Corporation is connecting Western New York Together by enhancing a community for the freelancers.


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